Hello! Welcome to our humble home. Coffee has just boiled - would you like a cup? And while you're sipping your coffee, why not look through the books we have gathered in our library?

Thomas Aquinas, who lived in Holland 600 years ago, had this to say about books:

"If the person who gives a cup of cool water to a thirsty neighbor is to receive a reward, how much greater a reward will be given to the one who gives his neighbor a book, which may well be to him the spring of eternal life?"

So, we are most pleased to present these valuable books for Amharic readers worldwide! We believe you will find that a study of these books will not only lead one to a knowledge of God and a close relationship with Him, but will also give guidance for ones daily living, an understanding of God's plan for this present age, and a knowledge of what the future holds.

We, the Lapsley/Brooks Foundation, are deeply indebted to the authors, translators, and editors who have made this all possible. And, we gratefully thank the copyright holders: Moody Press, Baker Book House, Intervarsity Press, Ethiopian Bible Society,SIM Press, Kale Hiwot Publishing, Raey Publishing, American Bible Society, Paul Enns, Stan Gundry, Bob Thomas, Dallas Theological Seminary, African Christian Publishers, Tyndale House Publishers, and Zondervan Press. 

And in addition we are indebted to volunteers from Grace Bible Church in Dalls, TX who contributed their expertise in putting this website together.

You are more than welcome to use any or all of these books, as well as share them with your friends and neighbors. And, we would love to hear from you! Please email us.

Lastly, as it says in Numbers 6:25-26, "May the Lord bless and keep you and make His face to shine upon you… and give you peace!"